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Taichung Cultural Center proposal calls for 1,620 recycled shipping containers  January 24, 2014 – 05:08 pm
LOT-EK's proposal calls for the use of 1, 620 recycled shipping containers as a building ma... New York-based architectural company LOT-EK has unveiled its proposal for the Taiwan Taichung City Cultural Center. The concept comprises a public library and fine arts museum, both of which feature sustainable tech in the form of solar panels, water recycling, and green roofs. The project is to be constructed using 1, 620 recycled shipping containers as a primary building material. .. Continue Reading Taichung Cultural Center proposal calls for 1, 620 recycled shipping containers
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Source: www.gizmag.com

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I saw this program on the discovery channel

And it had a building here in NYC that was a "green building" and conserved energy and was made of recycled materials.
does anyone know where it is?

City leaders expect new recycling center to 'pay for itself'  — Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
The building's construction is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified and features rainwater reclamation, skylights, solar panels, low-water use plumbing, recycled building materials, high-thermal insulation and water-efficient ..

VW's Vision Of Ecological Sustainability Takes Shape In Tennessee  — Gas 2.0
Green building elements incorporated at VW Chattanooga include recycled building materials and the use of smart insulation and energy-efficient lighting.

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  • Avatar curiousniks What green and sustainable architecture solutions are suited in the Philippines?
    Apr 17, 2009 by curiousniks | Posted in Green Living

    I need a list of green and sustainable architectural solutions that are suited and economical to use in the tropical philippine islands.

    i have already though of these in mind:
    passive cooling, rainwate …athroom fixtures, insulation (these are correct, right?)

    your opinions, thoughts and suggestions about green architecture in tropical countries are appreciated...pls include your sources if possible. THANKS!!

    • Those you mention are useful components.
      the most sustainable solutions for local conditions are usually those employed before the advent of cheap fossil fuels
      see The University of the Philippines Building Research Service these are applied using a permaculture design process you should get the solutions you want

  • Avatar 2ne1blackjack What are some renewable/sustainable things that can be used designing a house?
    May 23, 2012 by 2ne1blackjack | Posted in Green Living

    For geography we have to design a sustainable house, or one that uses renewable resources. What are some building materials that are sustainable - types of flooring/carpets, walls, (possibly furniture); heating/cooling design features; water use; blinds/curtains; etc

    Any help would be appreciated! Seeing as this is due tomorrow or the day after =.= Thanks :)

    • Mattresses are becoming more sustainable because they do not compost, they are hard to break down, and recycling of them isn't possible in most cities. Mattresses can take up as much as Twenty Five cubic feet of space and … with would be modular type beds where parts and pieces could bed replaced instead of the entire mattress possibly doubling or tripling mattress life. This article talks about modular mattresses and why people choose them